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Northside Baptist announces new Christmas tradition
For almost three decades, Northside Baptist Church was the place to be for Christmas. Live barnyard animals, flying angels, song and theatrical pageant performance told the story of Jesus' birth and resurrection to a community of hundreds.
Victoria Advocate stories: Local News
Can the McRib save Christmas? - Crain's Chicago Business
Visit Crain's Chicago Business for complete business news and analysis including healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, government, sports and more.
Chicago Business News
Stores already lining up Christmas displays - Quincy ...
By Nick Adams
It's only September, but it's starting to look a lot like Christmas in many retail stores and it's helping both stores and customers.
Disneyland's Haunted Mansion Reopens with Nightmare Before ...
By John Frost
Once again Jack Skellington and the gang from Nightmare Before Christmas has taken over the Haunted Mansion to create Haunted Mansion Holiday. Technical director Joe Peters gives us a fantastic tour of the creative overlay while his crew ...
The Disney Blog
Video: The Nightmare Before Christmas Has Taken Over The ...
By Brendon Connelly
But – and for me, it's a big but – I opened my eyes during certain moments of the Haunted Mansion during one of its annual Nightmare Before Christmas makeovers, saw the huge Jack figure, looking right at me and talking and wasn't scared at ...
Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies...
Celtic Woman to bring Christmas shows to Pechanga
By SWRNN Staff
Two Celtic Woman Christmas shows are planned for Dec. 13-14 at Pechanga Resort & Casino, it was recently announced. The Irish ensemble's gorgeous vocal harmonies were popular with local audiences last year. Celtic Woman will be ...
Counting down to Christmas?!? – Life is Not Bubble Wrapped
By Jill
I have a fellow church member who really really really loves Christmas. I believe she'll be putting up her tree in a few weeks (or so she posted on facebook). She also said that there's 99 days to Christmas. Holy moly. I'm preparing for ...
Life is Not Bubble Wrapped
Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas: Stacked Jar Hot Chocolate ...
By Jennie
Today's Homemade Christmas gift idea is stacked jar hot chocolate snowmen from Christmas Forever! They are stacked half sized mason jars filled with everything you need to make some delicious hot chocolate.
Bargain Blessings
100 Days to Christmas | MathFour
By Bon
I just got a notification that today, September 16, it's 100 days until Christmas. When I read this many thoughts went through my mind: What's our obsession with 100? I wonder why we chose 24 days of advent and not 25, 50 or 100. Hey – we ...
Knit a Christmas jumper for Save the Children! | Simply Knitting
By Judy Darley
Save the Children is appealing to knitters to support their new fundraising initiative by knitting and wearing a Christmas jumper and how could we resist? There are few garments as likely to raise a smile as a Christmas jJumper.
Simply Knitting
Dave Corn "Like Christmas every day" | The Blue Project
By Conrad
Christmas just gone I opened a small package from my parents. Some swimming goggles. I looked at them and then my parents, a glint in my eye. The smallest things set off the biggest adventures for me these days, that was all I needed.
The Blue Project
Not For Fun Only: Halloween is the new Christmas
By Axel Feldheim
Halloween is the new Christmas. I saw this Halloween painting on the window of a local French bakery today, a mere 6 weeks before October 31st. The nearby Paper Source has been promoting their Halloween related products for at least a ...
Not For Fun Only
Christmas packaging housing | Covers & Packaging | Graphic Design
We are looking for a designer to create a simple housing (3 sides - total 14 x 33 cm) of a special packaging for Christmas. Artwork in Illustrator only. - New Projects
New "Christmas Melody" @ OregonPatchWorks! - Embroidery Daily ...
By Jackie Holderbein (OPW)
These 10 mucically themed designs for 5x7 hoops will have you humming every time you see them! Spread the joy! Get yours today! Note, all offers subject to availability.
Embroidery Daily News
Selling Online at Christmas 2012 - will you be ready?
By John Debrincat
Every year we remind all our customers to get ready for Christmas sales but most leave it too late. Christmas is the peak retail period of the year and preparation should start now. There are lots of issues to cover if you want to get the best sales ...
eCommerce - Selling Online
Christmas Deal: Sign Up For ebay Daily Deal Alerts For Hot Deals ...
By Kristin from Couponing to Disney
With Christmas just around the corner, you need to make sure that you are signed up for all the best deal emails. Each and every day, Ebay offers a huge selection of highly discounted, top brands and products at set.
Couponing to Disney
A Christmas Story Bunny Suit « ThanksForNuthin
By admin
Are you looking for a Halloween costume that will take you all the way through Christmas and probably Easter? You need the A Christmas Story Bunny Suit from the NeatoShop. This fantastic, and perhaps slightly deranged, bunny suit will ...
Spend Christmas with Jamaica Inn! | Jamaica Inn
By sarah
As of this morning, it's only 98 days until Christmas! With the days steadily ticking away, I can imagine that a lot of you are trying to find the perfect.
Jamaica Inn
Video First Look: Nelly Furtado Brings Leopard Prints & Christmas ...
By Jada Gomez-Lacayo @jadagomez
It's a festival of lights for Nelly Furtado in her latest clip, "Parking Lot." If her leopard print pants and ponytail weren't entirely adorbs, she's jam packed her latest with cars adorned in Christmas lights and lifesize Barbie mobiles. The full video is ...
head + heels: 99 days till christmas
By head + heels
ho ho ho! ich liebe weihnachten. es ist der beste tag im jahr. ich bin jetzt schon völlig aus dem häuschen. 99 tage die es zu überleben gilt. damit die wartezeit schneller vergeht hab ich jetzt schon ein geschenk für euch: nämlich mich. besser, ...
head + heels

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