Friday, October 23, 2009

‘Tis Time

Hark! ‘Tis time for our grand Ol’ Saint Nick
to polish his sleigh ‘till it’s glittering slick,
then beckon Rudolph with velvet sleeve
"Away! Let us dash ‘round the world this fine eve!"

Through sky’s star lights and snowflakes they speed,
staying alert for jumbo jets they must heed.
"Tis there!" Santa shouts at rooftops sight
of the child whose Wish List they’ll fill first this night.

With reindeer hushed, their sleigh comes to rest
atop the sleeping house of our Saint Nick’s quest.
Betwixt gift boxes with shining bows
he takes out a silk bag so golden it glows.

"Whoosh" down the chimney, gently he lands
sets down his surprise and unties satin bands.
One by one, answered wishes appear -
Santa checks off his list to see they’re each here.

"I’ve brought thee a chest of Rainbows bright
and soft flutter of Butterfly wings in flight.
A feather of Hope ‘tis here to shake,
and Stardust to sprinkle, what Magic ye’ll make!

Sparkling inside clear crystal that gleams
are Faith in Miracles and Trust in Your Dreams."
Alas, came the last wish - Santa sighed,
he’d no way to grant it, though elves how they’d tried.

"I wish, Sweet Lad, Peace was in this sack."
Tapping his nose, in the red sleigh he was back.
Surrounded by longed-for dolls and trains,
upward they lifted with a click of deer reins.

"There’s hope, young man, peace will find it’s way
if all the world says your prayer on Christmas Day….

"Please heal mankind’s wounds and Let Love Win
then my Daddy can come home to us, Amen."

- © Tomi Fratto December 2008

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